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DEEP Origin Healing

And the Origin of Personality Distortion

We're so passionate about emotional process healing that we wrote our own book!


Our Story

  • Are we not a microcosm of the emotional, psychological and spiritual dysfunction we see all around us, in our families, in our societies and in the world?

  • In what way are we affected by and do we perpetuate this chaos? And why haven’t personal healing paths manifested change in a larger, generational way?

  • How can we create transformational healing that is inclusive of the entire macrocosm we are part of?


DEEP Origin explores how 'fallen natures' (one of many names given to our innate human dysfucntions) became imprinted on our hearts, passing through the lineage to reconstitute themselves in each successive generation as dysfunctional emotional human patterns. Early life experiences trigger the creation of psychic wounds in each of us—reminiscent of the original breakdown in the Garden of Eden. These wounds were perceived as unbearable to our child selves and we reacted by creating the personality defenses and masks we live behind. DEEP Origin Healing™ starts with the premise, “Where there is Divine Energy, there can be Emotional Process.” Bringing Divine love into the equation changes everything…

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