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Our bookstore’s motto is to keep books flowing like a river into the hands of readers. 


For many generations people have loved books, and many books have been handed down through the generations.

But is the habit of reading books gradually fading away? Will the love of books not be passed on to the next generation?


It’s our job, and delight, as bookstore owner’s to be custodians and self-appointed guardians of this chapter in history

where books exist. We don’t want books, or readers, to disappear!

As Thatcher Wine says in his Ted Talk, The Books We Keep, The Stories We Tell:

“The combination of the author and their story plus us and our story is a new story. And it’s completely original.”


Our story is helping you find a book, trade a book, and pass on a book to the next generation.

And if you have a collection of books, you want or need to pass along, we can help. 

Our goal is placing books in the hands of the next booklover whose life they can enrich. 

Trade your books in for in-store credit.

We accept book trade-ins and donations anytime during business hours Mon-Sat 10-5.

We give credit for books we consider to be in good condition. 

  • No rips, tears, stains, or odors.

  • No pages falling out, coming loose or missing.

  • No broken spines/bindings.

  • No advance reader copies, uncorrected proofs, or books marked "not for resale."


For large quantities, estate collections, etc., please arrange a time for delivery. We can also arrange pick-ups.


While we don’t typically purchase books outright, if you have a special collection, call us and we'll consider making an offer.

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