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Trade your books in for in-store credit.


We accept book trade-ins and donations anytime we’re open.

We give credit for books we consider to be in good condition. 

  • No rips, tears, stains, or odors.

  • No pages falling out, coming loose or missing

  • No broken spines/bindings.

  • No advance reader copies, uncorrected proofs, or books marked "not for resale."


In other words...

We accept books that are well-cared-for and remain in good condition for the next person to read.


For large quantities, estate collections, etc., please arrange a time for delivery. We can also arrange pick-ups.


Sorry, we don’t typically purchase books outright, but if you have a special collection, call us and we'll consider making an offer.

2023 New Year Literary Resolution


Make time for reading. Sink into it. Distract yourself and enter other worlds. Spend some time browsing for a book in a bookshop. Let the book find you!


Embrace a few classics, the list is endless: The Odyssey, The Hobbit, Siddhartha, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Old Man and the Sea, A Room of One’s Own. Romeo & Juliet…


Read a classic mystery by Agatha Christie, Dorothy Sayer, Dashiell Hammett, Georgette Heyer…


Read a short story by Jorge Luis Borges, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Toni Morrison, Stephen King…


Read a cookbook, a history book, a western, a book on religion…


Re-read some old favorites.


Join or start a book club.


Try new authors.

And give yourself the one-chapter rule (trade the book in if you can’t get into it after one chapter).  

Slowing down to read a book can help you appreciate your life! Who knows? You might become a writer too!

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